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O-Töne ForeCheck-Podcast #7 [Rob Daum, Don Jackson]

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des ForeCheck-Podcast spricht Constanze Weiß mit Rob Daum (Black Wings Linz) über den bisherigen Saisonverlauf und Don Jackson (Red Bull Salzburg) erzählt aus seinem Trainer- und Spielerleben.



Rob Daum (Coach LIWEST Black Wings Linz) ab 0:40 im O-Ton…


…über die bisherige Leistung seiner Stürmer:

Brian Lebler has been unbelievable, since the first two games of the season he has been leading our team offensively. Jason Ulmer is probably another player that probably exceeded our expectations a little bit and Patrick Spannring and Philipp Lukas have played beyond what I expected from them at this early point of the season (…) The remaining forwards have either met the expectations or have fallen below them.

…über die Auswärtsschwäche seiner Mannschaft und wo man hier ansetzen muss:

There are two things. I think the first one is that your team must believe that you can win on the road and the other thing is that your team has to have an expectation to win on the road. So it’s a mental thing more than it is a physical thing. 

…über die Basis seiner Philosophie:

Whatever I thing is the best thing for the team, that’s the decision I gonna make (…) Sometimes that’s doesn’t necessarily make individual people happy, but they have to understand that the team comes first (…) And the other thing is that I want everything to be really clear for players (…) That’s the focus I have on a daily basis, to try to make it clear to the players what we want as coaches. 

…darüber, wann der Zeitpunkt gekommen ist, sich von einem Spieler, der die gewünschte Leistung noch nicht erbringt, zu trennen:

You can overreact and make a move quickly and it might not be the right one, so I think it’s an art, it’s not a science. There is no particular date (…) You just have to have a feel for what the player is contributing to your team, a feel for what you feel he can contribute and then understanding why he is not at that point at any particular time. So you wanna be patient. 

…darüber, wie er als Coach mit Spielern umgeht, die nicht in Form sind:

If you recognize the player is working hard and just isn’t having the success he should have, I think what you wanna try and do is to give him as much confidence as you can, talk to the person, let him know what your expectations are, let him know what his role on the team is. I think it’s very important that players understand what you want from them, because it’s really difficult to give someone something if you don’t know what they want. So I talk to my players and let them know exactly what my expectations are of them and how they can meet those expectations and then ultimately you have to hope that they can give you what they want.


Don Jackson (Coach Red Bull Salzburg) spricht ab 40:16…


…über den 5 Game Winning Streak seines Teams:

We are just always trying to get better especially after the slow start we had and it just seems that everybody’s game has recent went a little higher, we are playing better as a team (…) Both offensively and defensively we are getting better. 

…darüber, worauf er sich als Coach in seiner Arbeit konzentriert:

I kind of like the philosophy where you get the best talent you can get and really teach them to play it well defensively as a group and I always feel when players are good enough that we are gonna score goals and sometimes you wonder during the tough times but we’ve had enough good games and days to know that we have people that are capable scoring. 

The guys that go out there on the ice they work their butts off and I just try to make sure that they are playing like a team, thinking like a team. You listen to them because they are the guys that get the job done, they have feelings and they have things to say and you just try to accommodate what they really need on the ice and off the ice so that they can come and perform their best. 

…darüber, was bzw. wer ihn als Coach geprägt hat:

The main people you learn from, is just watching the players, watching their habits and the things the offensive guys like to do and learning how to defend them and give them two opportunities. First to get the puck back quick and learn how to shut them down, so we not only possess the puck more often, but to get it back quicker. That’s kind of always the challenge for me as a coach and then after that the players do the work. 

…über Spieler die ihn beeinflusst haben:

I think a lot about Gretzky and Messier and even Jagr. I was a guy that was a student at the skill part of the game and just watching them practice and hearing the things they say have always stuck in my mind (…) Just listen to the guys what they have to say about the games and getting ideas.

…über Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen ihm und Pierre Pagé:

He is a progressive coach, I think we like to play a lot the same way, there are certain things we both believe in and there are differences as well. But overall we like an aggressive style of play and I think that style helps to create good offense and makes the game entertaining. 

… über seine Zeit bei den Edmonton Oilers:

When I got there I knew it was a special time simply because a Wayne Gretzky was on the team.  But then after I got there and saw all the other guys and how great they were as well, the things I do remember are what great leaders they were, even though they were younger than me. They were in their early 20s and became leaders of those teams and how genuine they were and how it made me feel as a teammate (…) That what was I looked at as being very important, just making every guy feel really important on the team.